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Mission Statement

Cougars for Women in Construction aims to share its passion for promoting women in construction with the UH community. CWIC strives to empower its members with knowledge that will help them stand out in the industry by integrating a diverse network with industry professionals, skill-building workshops, and community.


Cougars for Women in Construction encourages all UH students to join without regard to gender.

Our Values 

  • To attract, support, and retain women for a career in the construction industry.

  • To strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry and other collaborative disciplines to raise career awareness.

  • To prepare future leaders of the construction industry through education, networking, and career opportunities.. 

  • To establish a professional network for CWIC members and industry supporters and develop long-term relationships.

  • To unite for the mutual benefit of all students who are interested in pursuing careers in the various phase sectors of the construction industry.

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