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When we were asked by Dr. Lingguang Song to join an effort to launch a women in construction organization, we were incredibly honored and overjoyed to do so. For us, this meant an opportunity to represent and support the unrepresented as well as ourselves. We, however, cannot accept full credit for the establishment of this organization. The concept to launch a women-in-construction-focused organization at the University of Houston came from the Construction Management department at the College of Technology in the hopes of joining the rising number of supporters who are encouraging the growth of women in the construction industry.


As Co-founders and officers of CWIC, we have spent hours planning and committing ourselves to ensure Cougars for Women in Construction becomes the organization that raises awareness and supports the continued growth of women in a male-dominated field. To know that our mission is supported by industry professionals, NAWIC ( National Association of Women in Construction), and the College of Technology is encouraging. Although we are a new organization that is still undergoing construction, we pride ourselves in knowing that we are working hard to guarantee our members receive the best we have to offer. 


We can only hope that by getting ahead of the game, we might inspire the growth of women in the construction industry and other construction related sectors. We welcome you to join us in our efforts to be the change and invest in the future.


Anahi Vasquez, President 

Ankita Sahu, Vice-President

Shanelly Becerra, Treasurer

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